It’s May.  The time has come to get ready to start our journey.  First I had to get through the graduation party and graduation day, then I could start focusing on getting stuff out of the house. In the previous weeks I had been slowly sorting through my stuff and deciding what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to get rid of.  I sold my bedroom set early because I knew I wasn’t keeping it, but to be honest, I went through things in my keep pile several times and each time realized that I didn’t really need some things and it kept getting smaller.  I am sure that there are still a million things I don’t need. Kirk would say, everything in storage…I am just not ready to give it all up yet.

0521161001_resizedKirk was home for a week so we spent a weekend moving most of the “keep” stuff to storage and clearing out the garage. We kept the big stuff like the couch because it was new and a few other pieces of my favorite furniture but everything else was on the get rid of list.  The dump and goodwill piles just kept growing and the house got more and more empty. 0603162355_resized


It took Kylar a while to go through his room and clear it out.  He is a pack rat it seems, but with the help of his friends he finally got his stuff sorted and loaded up his car to move into his sisters place until time to move into the dorm at ASU.  It was a happy and sad time.

On June 4th I moved into a hotel for the last week that I was in town.  Hired someone to clean the house and clean the carpet and then said goodbye.  I had one last girls night out with my friends. We had dinner then went dancing.  They even bought me a yummy cake.  It was great being able to relax and enjoy the night with my friends one last time.PhotoGrid_1466529234399_resizedI brought my grandson to the hotel to spend the day with me one last time.  I think I will miss him the most.  We swam, played hide and seek (his new favorite game) and had a lot of fun.  He was one sleepy boy when I took him home. 0610161853_resized


I had everything done and nothing to stress about until we left on Saturday….how wrong I was….


Wednesday morning my car battery died. I had to take it to the dealer to get a new one.  On Thursday, on my way to pick up my fixed car, Kylar calls and says he needs to go to the Emergency Room, he is in a ton of pain.  So I spent the day on Thursday at the ER with him.  He is doing ok now. It was an inf0609161058_resizedection in his small intestine.  I made him stay at the hotel with me that night though to keep an eye on him.  Kirk finally got in late Thursday night to go through the walk through, drop off my car at my friends (she is keeping it in her garage for me), get the motorcycle and pack up and leave early Saturday morning. Piece of cake….WRONG….the walk through at the house went fine, then we picked up Leon and were supposed to have a family dinner (early) so we could get packed up and ready to go.  Well dinner was a crazy bunch of misunderstandings and people going to the wrong restaurant.  We didn’t get to eat dinner until 9 pm, then had to go drop the car off and then put on the new saddle bags that we bought.  We decided that we would go the first thing in the morning and put on the saddle bags and just leave a little later so we could get to bed.  Around 1230 a.m., we get a call from kiera that her car wont start.  So Kirk gets up the next morning and goes to see what is wrong.  We get it towed to a place to fix it, but now it is already past noon and we haven’t even started on the saddle bags.  They proved to be more challenging than we originally thought.  We did finally get everything loaded on the bike and head out on Saturday night, June 11th around 7 pm so we did not get very far that night.

I told the kids that I knew they were going to miss me, but they didn’t need to sabotage my everything..haha

We made it to Payson about 930, overpaid for a hotel room, and ran to a local restaurant to grab some dinner before the kitchen closed.  We finally relaxed for the day.

We were on the road.  The adventure has begun.  I think I’m a little scared…..

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