Since we entered Maine at night I couldn’t get a picture of the sign, so we took one the next morning… it it:

It was really great to see friends that we haven’t seen in a couple of years.  Since Jenn and I have the same name, things sometime get confusing.  To help alleviate this confusion, Kirk started calling her 2 N Jenn and me 1 N Jen (since I only have 1 N in my name and she has 2, he thinks he is so clever) I think their daughter thinks Kirk is Santa..ha ha (little kids seem to love him for some reason)

We took a day off of riding to explore a little bit of York, Maine and nearby Portsmouth, NH with our friends Chris and Jennifer. (Plus, we have to fix the tail lights on the bike)  We went to brunch at a very good little restaurant on the ocean called the Sun and Surf.  Kirk had his first “lobster roll”, which he loved, and we enjoyed looking out at the beautiful view.

Then we explored the stores in downtown York and Portsmouth.

On the way home we stopped at this little hut just over a little bridge and the boys ordered fresh lobster for dinner.  At this place, called Off the Boat Lobsters, you can pick out fresh lobster, put in your order, then they cook it and you come pick it up freshly cooked at the time you set.

We had surf and turf for dinner, which was amazing.

Then we took a walk to the beach and enjoyed the views as the sun went down and the moon showed up.

We headed back to their house and ended a wonderful day sitting on the back porch visiting and having a good time. The boys had cigars and locally distilled Wiggly Bridge vodka.

Unfortunately, Kirk does have to work some to pay for our travels, so we have to leave the bike and fly back to wherever his current job site is.  With this in mind, we packed our bike bag with things that we will leave with the bag and have duplicates in a suitcase in his work truck at the job location.  This makes flying back and forth much easier.  We bought some collapsible back packs to use to transport some stuff back and forth.  They actually are really nice, big and sturdy. I totally recommend them. We have to take back and forth Kirk’s CPAP machine, the computer, a few clothing items and things like that. We don’t fly with anything that would cause us to have to check a bag which makes things easier.

After a delicious breakfast of homemade cinnamon roll french toast (I had to try and make wp-1469573992208.jpgit after eating it in Wisconsin), we headed to the airport in Boston.We made it to the airport with a few hours to spare, only to find out that our flight was being delayed because of weather.  We bought passes to the Delta Sky Club for the day because we had no idea how long we would be stuck there and it is a much more comfortable place to hang out when in the airport.  Turns out that what a good decision because we were there all day and by the time our flight left Boston, we would miss the last connecting flight out of Detroit.  We ended up spending the night in Detroit. So one more night was added to our trip in the form of a shuttle ride from the airport to a hotel and back.

We made it out the next afternoon with no problems and we were in Kalamazoo (yes it’s a real place) by dinner time.

And the adventure continues……..We are gearing up now to fly back to pick up the bike and continue the journey on Thursday.


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