We woke up in York, ME, rode back to the Harley dealer to return the Street Glide (sad face) and got back on the road on our bike.  We rode along the coast through 0730161639b-1-1.jpgNew Hampshire to Salem, MA. We saw this interesting site all throughout New England.  Not sure I would want to try McDonald’s lobster.


We also stopped for a little break and I met this lovely tree lady.0730161412.jpg






Of course we had to do a little sight seeing while we were in Salem. We checked out the graveyard.


The Salem witch trials memorial.


The house of Seven Gables. (We didn’t go on a tour)

and The Witch house.  It was the home of the Witch Trials Judge Jonathon Corwin. It is the only home in Salem with direct ties to the Witch Trials.


Kirk says this is me in true form…(just kidding)wp-1470526982212.jpg

We didn’t stay long because it was late, hot, and super crowded.  We headed on down the coast through Boston (awful traffic).  We didn’t explore Boston.  I don’t think it would be fun to drive around that town on the motorcycle.  We will go back sometime just as tourists and see the sights.  We made our way to Plymouth and went straight to see the sights.  We saw Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower II ( a replica of the Mayflower), and the Founders Monument.

Originally, our plan was to hit, Salem, Plymouth, Cape Cod, and then ride up to Providence, RI to stop for the night.  When we reached Plymouth we were so tired and the sun was starting to go down, so we decided to stay the night there.  After a bit of a search, we found a hotel to spend the night in.  This was a challenge because not only was it a Saturday night, but it was last minute.  Many of the hotels were either booked solid or had a two night minimum, not to mention that they all were well over 200 bucks a night.  We contemplated just moving on but we were very tired so we sucked it up and overpaid by a lot to stay at a Comfort Inn (not a great one either).

We found a good local seafood restaurant to have dinner at.  It was very good and the atmosphere was nice.  It was right on the water at the marina.

With full bellies, we headed off to bed.

Up Next:  Here Comes The Rain Again!


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