AZ to NC

After getting my son settled in his dorm, I loaded up my car to head to North Carolina. Why you ask?

Short version…..deep breath and go….daughter, broken car, too expensive to fix…me, car sitting in friends garage not being used, take unused car to daughter in Charlotte……

So I loaded up my car for a 6 day road was me, my other daughter, Kiera, and my 3 year old grandson.  We loaded up my two large suitcases, my daughter’s larger suitcase, my grandson’s suitcase, car seat, toys, stuffed animals, blanket, snacks, etc. in the car…in the tiny car…. and let’s not forget the ukulele.  We called it our clown car.

First stop, Fredericksburg Texas.  I know it is out of the way but I wanted to surprise my mom.  She hasn’t seen her great grandson in a while.  We spent an extra day there relaxing and playing with her new puppy.

When we left Texas we were planning on driving through new Orleans, but the flooding at the time made us change course.  We headed up north to Monroe, LA.  We encountered some serious rain on the way and had to almost stop because of visibility but I can say this.  I was very thankful to be in a car and not on the motorcycle.  0817161835.jpgWe made it to Monroe and stopped for the night right next to the Duck Commander place from Duck Dynasty.  We ate dinner at Willie’s restaurant. It was cool.  We did have duck, which usually I’m not a fan of, but this was a duck nugget.  It was a piece of jalapeno, covered in cream cheese, wrapped in duck, wrapped in bacon, cooked and covered in a honey sauce. So no real duck taste left, I’d say….haha!

 The next morning we had to stop by the main Duck Commander place and take some pictures, then we were back on the road.

The rest of the trip to Charlotte was uneventful.

My daughter in Charlotte, Ariel, was excited to see her nephew, but was also glad I was there because she was moving into a new apartment and had asked me to come help her move…and by move she meant bring money to buy stuff for the apartment…

My husband flew in and met us in Charlotte on Friday and we spent the weekend having fun as a family.  We even went to the aquarium.


 By Tuesday, everyone had flown back to their prospective places except for me.  I was still there helping Ariel “move”…

Before I left Charlotte to fly back to Ohio, I got a phone call from my son (yes, the one that I just left in college) he apparently had been in a car accident.  He was fine, but his car was totaled…..

Sooo, now…sometime in the next month… I have to fix my daughter’s car and drive it back to Arizona (because there is no way I am letting an 18 year old freshman in college who just totaled a car drive mine, no matter how much he asks)…..

It never ends does it?  I will be happy when the bike is fixed and we are back on the road.

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