Sunday morning we actually woke up early. No, really we did.  Kirk was excited because he got some scrapple for breakfast (I think that’s why he got up and moving so early).  After breakfast we all got on the bikes and headed off to Skippack, PA for the 2016 Rock and Roll Charity Ride (It benefits children with Autism and children with Spina Bifida). We had to check in by 8:30, and believe it or not, we made it.  After some coffee and donuts, a raffle or two and some instructions, we were off.


The ride began in Skippack, went 92 miles and ended at Pocono Raceway.  It was a beautiful but long ride.


Once we arrived at the raceway, we were fed a big lunch in the infield.


After lunch we were led onto the raceway in smaller groups and allowed to ride 3 laps around the racetrack (as fast as we wanted).  It was really a thrilling experience (and a little scary).


When it was all over we headed home, exhausted.

Monday came, we slept in, relaxed and packed up to leave.  We had such a fun time with Tom and Gisele, and are grateful that they opened up their home to us….17635-1.jpg


…so here is a shameless0905161409-1.jpg family business plug…. If you are ever in the Pennsylvania area and are looking to buy a home be sure and look up Tom McCabe.


We loaded up and headed to Philadelphia.


We dropped the bike off at Barb’s Harley Davidson to store it while we went back to Ohio for Kirk to work for the next few weeks. We had to be there to drop it off by 4pm and our flight wasn’t until 9:30 so we had some time to kill.  We took an Uber to Moshulu to have some dinner and drinks.  It was very relaxing and the food was good.

We made it to the airport on time, only to have to run around trying to find a ticket agent.  We followed the signs to American Airlines, went into the terminal and there was no one working.  We found someone, and asked where we check in for our flight.  They told us to take the employee shuttle to Terminal F and then there would be someone there.  So we loaded onto the shuttle bus with all of the employees and finally made it to check in. On the bright side….we did see Hillary and Donald at the airport…haha.wp-1473808413482.jpg

Turns out the flight was delayed about an hour so we didn’t make it back to Ohio and to our hotel until around midnight.  Needless to say, we were exhausted, but we could check another great adventure off our list (and state…we had to cross into New Jersey to drop the bike off at Barb’s)

Peace Out! 



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