On the Road Again


Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  I have been very busy AND I need a new more portable laptop (working on it).  I also have been busy helping to raise some money for a friend in Savannah who lost her house in the hurricane.

After the OC Bikefest, we flew back to Ohio so Kirk could work for a few weeks…gotta fund the fun….but soon it was time to head out again.  We booked a flight on Friday from Cleveland into Salisbury, Maryland.  The plan was to get in around 5pm and have a yummy seafood dinner with family, spend the night and then head out towards Charlotte, NC on Saturday morning.  As usual, nothing goes as planned.

Our flight out of Cleveland was delayed so we wouldn’t be able to make our connecting flight in Philadelphia.  They rescheduled us for a later connecting flight which still wouldn’t have been bad…but….when we arrived in Philly, that flight was delayed too.

We avoided the bar at the airport that had the iPads at every table.  I thought it was a cool concept, but the last time we flew through there, we ate there and I thought Kirk was going to throw the iPad across the room.  He is not very good with technology and got so frustrated at having to order on the iPad and then having to watch a commercial after you order.  He was so upset that time, I know his blood pressure was going through the roof.  SO…this time we just avoided the place.  We ended up getting to Salisbury around 9:30 pm.  It was a long day and our yummy seafood dinner became a stop at Taco Bell.

We got a good night’s sleep and got up refreshed and ready to go on Saturday morning.  We packed up the bags and headed out to get the bike loaded up.  Of course, it started raining.  We threw on rain gear.  I still don’t have rain pants, so I put on a rain jacket and hoped that it would stop raining soon.  Luckily it wasn’t a huge downpour, it was just a steady medium rain.

We headed down the road to meet up with Kirk’s Great Aunt June, cousin Shaun, his late mother’s best friend, Rosemary and her husband Johnny for lunch.  Along the way we passed the house that his great-grandparents lived in when he was little.  It was a trip down memory lane!

The tables in Rita’s restaurant had old pictures of local people on them under glass.  We happened to be sitting at a table with his Aunt June’s picture from high school.

After a nice long visit and meal at the restaurant, we put our shoes and socks back on (we both had taken our boots and socks off, rung them out, and hung them out to dry on the chairs..lol) and we were back on our way towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Thank goodness the rain had moved on and the sun was out (well, sort of).

We stopped at the rest stop on the bridge and took in the sights before hitting the road again.  Yes, there is a rest stop on the bridge. One cool thing that we saw was the USS George Washington returning from deployment.  The men were manning the rail.  It was quite a site.  The pictures don’t do it justice. We didn’t have too far left to go.  We were only going to Emporia, Virginia and then stop for the night.

We made it to our hotel without any problems, dried out our boots the rest of the way and had a good night’s rest.


4 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. I genuinly enjoy reading stories of riders just setting out on a good road and having a good ride. I myself enjoy weekends on the bike visiting family here in South Africa. Keep riding and enjoy the journey.


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