More Charleston

After a great night’s sleep, we woke up ready to explore the city.  We walked to the Port of Charleston Waterfront Park first.  It was pretty cool, with a wading fountain that is meant to be played when it’s warm.  They have a sign with rules for the fountain posted, and I have to say that they are quite humorous.  Apparently the 4th rule was changed to add no bathing (I looked it up). Whatever it was that caused that change must have been interesting.  We had a good laugh reading them.

Walking out onto the pier there were porch swings hanging along the way, which I thought was nice and relaxing.  You could even see the Carnival cruise ship getting ready to head out.


After exploring that area for a little while, we headed downtown. We passed the Gin Joint, don’t know what it is but I had to take the picture because Gin is my drink and how can you go wrong with a place called the Gin Joint…..we passed the customs house.  They had a fundraising live art exhibit going on which was really pretty.

We finally made it to the Charleston City Market.  The market is a place not to be missed.  They have a day market and then a completely different night market.  It runs 4 city blocks and is pretty amazing.  It was started in 1804 and is considered an historic landmark.  (history of the market) You can find handmade sweet grass baskets too.

After shopping in the market, we headed over to a bar 1105161240.jpgand grill to rest our feet and hydrate before heading out to explore some more.

I convinced Kirk that we should take a carriage ride to see more of the city.  He was hesitant at first (he complained about having to smell horse poop), but I explained it to him this way….I want to see the city, we can either walk all over or sit and ride for a while…He decided that smelling horse poop was better than walking for hours..haha

So off we went.  There were several companies to choose from (all about the same price) so we went with Charleston Carriage Works.

The city was beautiful and the history was so interesting.  I am just going to put up the pictures from the ride so you can enjoy.  Check out the architecture.  Charleston has been very careful to keep the authenticity of the historic buildings.  They have a law that does not allow you to alter the appearance of any building over 75 years old.  Its just a beautiful city.  We even went past Battery Park, one of the most popular places to get married.


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