After spending the two days in Charleston, we headed to Savannah.  We took a scenic route, driving past many of the beautiful plantations.  We didn’t go into one but did drive around and take some cool pictures.

Along the way we came across an old military base, turned regional airport, with a very cool memorial so we stopped to check it out.  We almost missed it, but I’m glad that we didn’t.  It is Low Country Regional Airport and it is located just off of I-95 in Walterboro, SC.   It is where the Tuskegee Airmen trained….It was very interesting and I’m glad that we stopped.

We continued on our way and made it to Savannah.  We booked a room at The Keyhoe House.  It is the oldest house in Savannah and I highly recommend staying there.  The service was great and the rooms and balconies are amazing.

Kirk enjoyed the fact that you had to step through a giant window go get to the balcony.

Once we got settled in our room and enjoyed the delicious happy hour we went on a fun and romantic carriage ride through the historic district.  It just so happens that one of my best friends from high school, that I hadn’t seen in years, was a carriage driver.  She hooked us up with a great night.

After the carriage ride we headed to dinner at The Olde Pink House.  It was a very cool old historic house that had been turned into a restaurant.  The food was really good.

When we finished dinner, the waiter told us about the bar in the basement.  It was full of ghost stories and a very unique vibe.

When we were done exploring for the night we hopped on a pedi-cab and headed back to our room.  We finished off our bottle of wine from dinner on the ride (because you can do that in Savannah) and slept like babies in the comfy bed. It was a great day!

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