Day 2 in Savannah

After getting a good night sleep at the Inn, our pre-ordered breakfast was delivered to our room and set up on the balcony for us to enjoy.  It was the perfect way to start the morning…beautiful views, great weather and delicious food.

When breakfast was over, we packed up our stuff and went on a sightseeing ride along the water.  Next time, I want to go back when I have more time to relax and hang out down there.  It is a a very interesting place with lots to see and would be really good for people watching.

Then it was off to meet up with my friend, Michelle…the one that gave us the carriage ride the night before.  Her house had been destroyed in Hurricane Matthew. We created a go fund me account for her to raise a decent amount of money to help them make it through the hardship.  We took a ride out to her house to see the damage.  While we were there, her son found one of his favorite toys and it was really sad that he couldn’t take it with him.  The fiberglass insulation had contaminated almost everything they owned.


We sadly said goodbye to Michelle and headed to Savannah Harley Davidson to drop the bike off for the holidays.  They stored it for us and did some much needed maintenance on it.

I know these posts are late being posted and this one is short, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.



After spending the two days in Charleston, we headed to Savannah.  We took a scenic route, driving past many of the beautiful plantations.  We didn’t go into one but did drive around and take some cool pictures.

Along the way we came across an old military base, turned regional airport, with a very cool memorial so we stopped to check it out.  We almost missed it, but I’m glad that we didn’t.  It is Low Country Regional Airport and it is located just off of I-95 in Walterboro, SC.   It is where the Tuskegee Airmen trained….It was very interesting and I’m glad that we stopped.

We continued on our way and made it to Savannah.  We booked a room at The Keyhoe House.  It is the oldest house in Savannah and I highly recommend staying there.  The service was great and the rooms and balconies are amazing.

Kirk enjoyed the fact that you had to step through a giant window go get to the balcony.

Once we got settled in our room and enjoyed the delicious happy hour we went on a fun and romantic carriage ride through the historic district.  It just so happens that one of my best friends from high school, that I hadn’t seen in years, was a carriage driver.  She hooked us up with a great night.

After the carriage ride we headed to dinner at The Olde Pink House.  It was a very cool old historic house that had been turned into a restaurant.  The food was really good.

When we finished dinner, the waiter told us about the bar in the basement.  It was full of ghost stories and a very unique vibe.

When we were done exploring for the night we hopped on a pedi-cab and headed back to our room.  We finished off our bottle of wine from dinner on the ride (because you can do that in Savannah) and slept like babies in the comfy bed. It was a great day!

What had happened was……

OK so I know that I haven’t posted in a long time and I am very sorry for that….but….what had happened was….

Coming home from a family vacation, my son, who is a freshman at Arizona State, was taking the metro train from the airport to the college and left his backpack on the train.  In it was his passport, his laptop, his handheld gaming system, his wallet and his chargers.  Needless to say, these things were not recovered.  Since he was in dire need for a computer for school, we wiped my computer and gave it to him so I have been without a computer since Christmas.

I finally have a new computer and am currently working on the next  post that continues our trip.  I know that I have several months to catch up on but I promise that I will get caught up and begin to blog regularly again.

Thanks for hanging in there.

More Charleston

After a great night’s sleep, we woke up ready to explore the city.  We walked to the Port of Charleston Waterfront Park first.  It was pretty cool, with a wading fountain that is meant to be played when it’s warm.  They have a sign with rules for the fountain posted, and I have to say that they are quite humorous.  Apparently the 4th rule was changed to add no bathing (I looked it up). Whatever it was that caused that change must have been interesting.  We had a good laugh reading them.

Walking out onto the pier there were porch swings hanging along the way, which I thought was nice and relaxing.  You could even see the Carnival cruise ship getting ready to head out.


After exploring that area for a little while, we headed downtown. We passed the Gin Joint, don’t know what it is but I had to take the picture because Gin is my drink and how can you go wrong with a place called the Gin Joint…..we passed the customs house.  They had a fundraising live art exhibit going on which was really pretty.

We finally made it to the Charleston City Market.  The market is a place not to be missed.  They have a day market and then a completely different night market.  It runs 4 city blocks and is pretty amazing.  It was started in 1804 and is considered an historic landmark.  (history of the market) You can find handmade sweet grass baskets too.

After shopping in the market, we headed over to a bar 1105161240.jpgand grill to rest our feet and hydrate before heading out to explore some more.

I convinced Kirk that we should take a carriage ride to see more of the city.  He was hesitant at first (he complained about having to smell horse poop), but I explained it to him this way….I want to see the city, we can either walk all over or sit and ride for a while…He decided that smelling horse poop was better than walking for hours..haha

So off we went.  There were several companies to choose from (all about the same price) so we went with Charleston Carriage Works.

The city was beautiful and the history was so interesting.  I am just going to put up the pictures from the ride so you can enjoy.  Check out the architecture.  Charleston has been very careful to keep the authenticity of the historic buildings.  They have a law that does not allow you to alter the appearance of any building over 75 years old.  Its just a beautiful city.  We even went past Battery Park, one of the most popular places to get married.



After a long and much anticipated wait, we finally made it back to Charlotte to pick up the bike and ride.  Of course we had to get up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight…which I hate…but we made it to Charlotte, got the bike loaded up, had a quick lunch with our daughter and her boyfriend then hit the road to Charleston, SC.  Whoo hoo…what a feeling!  I have missed it so much.
The ride to Charleston was pretty uneventful, but as we got closer and closer I began to notice a lot of big trees along the road that had been knocked down by the recent Hurricane Matthew.  It was a gentle reminder of the destruction that had taken place. It was a little bit sobering.
We arrived in the historic district of Charleston and made our way to the hotel.  We are staying at the Vendue hotel.  It’s kinda fancy…and really cool.


We got checked in, Kirk parked the motorcycle and we followed the bellman to our room.
The Vendue is a unique hotel.  It is 2 historic buildings across from each other one is a large building with lots of rooms, a restaurant and a rooftop bar.  The building across the street is smaller…with no elevator.  We are staying in the smaller one….I felt so bad for the bellman having to carry our heavy bag up the stairs to the second floor, but very glad we didn’t have to do it.
The Vendue is an art hotel.  It is like being in an art gallery.  They even have a local artist that has a studio art up in the one building. They promote the local art culture very well. There are many really cool pieces of artwork to look at all over, plus beautiful chandeliers and old woodwork. It is oozing with southern hospitality and charm.

Our room was tiny, but I knew it would be.  I made the reservation late and actually got a lower rate for the room because it is one of the very tiny rooms.  I still loved it.  It was fine for us, plus the bathroom has a whirlpool tub.

We had made dinner reservations at a restaurant called 82 Queen.  It was recommended to us by our daughter who lived in Charleston for about a year. (It apparently is one of the best restaurants around.)  It was a very charming place,  I know, I seem to be over using that word but there really isn’t any other way to describe it.  This whole city is just full of charm and character. It is mostly outside….like a big, giant patio, and gorgeous. The food was amazing, the service was impeccable.  The walk to and from the restaurant was enjoyable.



After dinner we came back to the Vendue and headed up to the rooftop bar for a few drinks before bed.

It was pretty interesting.  I would like to see it in the daylight so I can see the view.  We had a good time.  Then we hit the bed…a very comfortable bed I might add and slept well.

Quick Update


Last I wrote, we were headed to Charlotte.  That was a quite a while ago.  We did make it there and spent a day or so with our daughter, Ariel.

The plan  for the motorcycle was to leave it in Charlotte with Ariel for two weeks and then head to Charleston, SC for a weekend.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Matthew has thwarted our plans.  We will be waiting until things clear up to head down the coast.  Hopefully we will be back on the road soon.

On the Road Again


Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  I have been very busy AND I need a new more portable laptop (working on it).  I also have been busy helping to raise some money for a friend in Savannah who lost her house in the hurricane.

After the OC Bikefest, we flew back to Ohio so Kirk could work for a few weeks…gotta fund the fun….but soon it was time to head out again.  We booked a flight on Friday from Cleveland into Salisbury, Maryland.  The plan was to get in around 5pm and have a yummy seafood dinner with family, spend the night and then head out towards Charlotte, NC on Saturday morning.  As usual, nothing goes as planned.

Our flight out of Cleveland was delayed so we wouldn’t be able to make our connecting flight in Philadelphia.  They rescheduled us for a later connecting flight which still wouldn’t have been bad…but….when we arrived in Philly, that flight was delayed too.

We avoided the bar at the airport that had the iPads at every table.  I thought it was a cool concept, but the last time we flew through there, we ate there and I thought Kirk was going to throw the iPad across the room.  He is not very good with technology and got so frustrated at having to order on the iPad and then having to watch a commercial after you order.  He was so upset that time, I know his blood pressure was going through the roof.  SO…this time we just avoided the place.  We ended up getting to Salisbury around 9:30 pm.  It was a long day and our yummy seafood dinner became a stop at Taco Bell.

We got a good night’s sleep and got up refreshed and ready to go on Saturday morning.  We packed up the bags and headed out to get the bike loaded up.  Of course, it started raining.  We threw on rain gear.  I still don’t have rain pants, so I put on a rain jacket and hoped that it would stop raining soon.  Luckily it wasn’t a huge downpour, it was just a steady medium rain.

We headed down the road to meet up with Kirk’s Great Aunt June, cousin Shaun, his late mother’s best friend, Rosemary and her husband Johnny for lunch.  Along the way we passed the house that his great-grandparents lived in when he was little.  It was a trip down memory lane!

The tables in Rita’s restaurant had old pictures of local people on them under glass.  We happened to be sitting at a table with his Aunt June’s picture from high school.

After a nice long visit and meal at the restaurant, we put our shoes and socks back on (we both had taken our boots and socks off, rung them out, and hung them out to dry on the and we were back on our way towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Thank goodness the rain had moved on and the sun was out (well, sort of).

We stopped at the rest stop on the bridge and took in the sights before hitting the road again.  Yes, there is a rest stop on the bridge. One cool thing that we saw was the USS George Washington returning from deployment.  The men were manning the rail.  It was quite a site.  The pictures don’t do it justice. We didn’t have too far left to go.  We were only going to Emporia, Virginia and then stop for the night.

We made it to our hotel without any problems, dried out our boots the rest of the way and had a good night’s rest.


OC Bikefest

We woke up tired and moved slowly getting ready.  Kirk of course was happy because he got more scrapple. (How he eats that stuff I will never know.)  Once we got things ready, we headed to the coast in Delaware and followed it along until we got to Ocean City, Maryland for the festivities.

We started out at the convention center and checked out all of the vendors there.

It was way too hot on the pavement there so we headed to a restaurant for some air conditioning and food.  When we were rested and fed, we rode over to the pier to check out what was going on there.

It was a little bit of a mess.  The website said that you would have to pay 20 bucks to park there unless you had the weekend event pass, but I believe that it was such a confused mess that they decided not to charge anyone anything.  We went where we were directed and the people directing the traffic in the parking lot were at odds about where we were to go and things were very crazy.  We finally found a place to park and headed into the venue area.  I have to say, I was not impressed.

I have been to several bike events and this one was probably my least favorite.  There were not very many vendors and the area was small. We walked around a bit and of course Kirk had to go and get some famous Thrasher’s Boardwalk Fries (soaked in vinegar of course).

We saw some interesting sites and things.

We watched the Three Doors Down concert, which I was excited about, then it was time to go.  They closed down the pier area at 9pm and everyone had to get on their bikes and go which was crazy. We did manage to find some new low profile, DOT approved helmets, so that was a good thing.

When we had to leave the pier, we stopped at a place called  Fish Tales. We met up with Kirk’s cousin there and had some dinner and a few drinks. (They did have a few vendors there too)wp-1475262018062.jpg

When we were done for the night, we headed back to Delaware and stopped at a crazy bar that apparently during the day, for bike week, had midget gator wrestling and midget paintball.  You actually shoot a paintball gun at a midget while he runs around and tries to hide behind different objects, after he wrestled an alligator.  Needless to say, the media criticized them over these politically incorrect events. We didn’t stay long. It had been a long day (and the place was weird.)

All in all, I would go back to Ocean City, maybe even during bike fest, but I wouldn’t pay the fee to get into the specialized area.

Don’t Pay the Ferryman…(until you get to the other side) 

We woke up and headed to the Cleveland airport before the sun was even thinking of coming up.  I hate early mornings.

We got on our plane and headed to Philadelphia to get the bike.  After landing, we caught an Uber back to Barb’s Harley-Davidson, where the bike had been stored. We had to pick up the bike and get on the road.

We stopped at a little diner to eat breakfast before heading to Atlantic City. It was a short trip.  I had never been there so I wanted to spend a little time looking around and doing some gambling. I miss being able to jump over to Vegas for a weekend. We went to Ceasar’s Palace, walked around a bit and then settled in at the Pai Gow tables at Bally’s next door.  If you have never played Pai Gow before, you should try it. It is super fun and easy to learn. The first day we ever played, Kirk was dealt 5 aces and we were hooked. Anyway, we stayed there for a few hours, made some friends at the table and ended up winning about 300 ..yay us!

When we were done, we headed down the coast to Cape May to catch the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to Delaware.  It was a new experience, our first time taking the bike on a ferry.  We parked in a line with some other motorcycles and then went to the terminal to grab a bite to eat before boarding the ferry. wp-1474454118561.jpg

Once on, it was very nice and relaxing.  We grabbed a drink at the bar and watched as we made our way across the Delaware Bay.

Once we made it to the other side, we headed to Kirk’s cousin’s house in nearby Gumboro to rest up for the next day in Ocean City.


People often ask me where my favorite place to ride has been.  My answer is pretty easy.  Yosemite…at least so far….

A few summers ago, during a two week 2500 mile ride through central California, we spent two days riding through Yosemite.  It was the most beautiful ride.  I honestly don’t think I would ever want to drive through there in a car, unless it was a convertible.  There is so much to see that would be obstructed by a car.

The first day we drove up CA – 120 and traveled across Yosemite to Lee Vining, CA.  We spent the night in a cute little inn called Lake View Lodge across from Mono Lake.  It was clean and comfortable and quite relaxing.  It wasn’t fancy, but a nice big room with a nice garden outside to sit and relax.  We stayed in a hotel room.  They also have cabins and cottages.

The next day we backtracked some on 120 and then went down into the Valley.  I am going to just post the beautiful pictures so you can enjoy.  I highly encourage you to go if you get a chance.  It is absolutely amazing.





Before we headed out for the night, we stopped to see the Giant Sequoia Trees.  Pretty Awesome.

Then we headed out to the town of Oakhurst and spent the night at the Best Western Plus Gateway Inn.  It was a very interesting hotel.  The layout was unusual as it sits on the side of a mountain.  It has an indoor and an outdoor pool, and a very nice and secluded hot tub.  I highly recommend it if you go.

We would like to go back again when we are on that side of the country and this time stay inside the Park.  They have cabins and a nice hotel.  Maybe we can get a group together to go sometime, but for now, we are headed to Maryland to join in the festivities in Ocean City, for OC Bikefest.  Look for the new post soon!  capture_2016-09-15-13-49-28-1.png.png